About us

Fib Production is a production company specializing in storytelling and marketing through images and video. We believe in showing less and meaning more - every single image should tell, inspire, & awake a feeling. We believe in making a good first impression on your clients.


2 Girls, Fie from Denmark & Celine from Norway with a passion for film & storytelling through different platforms. Fie started the company in 2018 and since met Celine who joined the team in 2020. Together they studied film production at Santa Barbara City College. 

Both invest their time to fulfill your dream film, pictures for social media, or commercials. It takes hard work to make sure every detail is on point. We would love to tell u more over a coffee and help u with your marketing, commercials or film. 

Fie Emilie Jørgensen


   - Producer, Camera operation & Editing.

Celine Marthinussen


   - Director, Light, Color & Sound specialist.



FIB PRODUCTION est. 2018  /  Lorentzgade 17A, 8900 Randers  / + 45 21 22 20 64  /  CVR: 40011137

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